Show InfoPath forms data using XML Web Part

If you want a quick and dirty way of showing InfoPath form results in a SharePoint web part use XML Web Part.

  1. Develop the InfoPath web form.
  2. Publish it to a SharePoint list.
  3. Rename a copy of the above form as a “.cab”.
  4. Open the “cab” file using WinZip of winrar and copy the “view1.xsl”

  5. Upload the file to a list in the same SharePoint site.
  6. Add a XML web part to a page and set the properties as below.


    XML Link is the path to the InfoPath form results saved in the document library.

    XSL Link is the path to the XSL file we save in step 5.


    And the result is……..




    If you want further customization to the form, you can write your own XSL and set the path in the web part.



    Form with a custom XSL……