Nintex workflow: Extract and save InfoPath form embedded attachments into a document library

Following workflow will extract InfoPath embedded attachments and save it to a given document library in the same site collection. I have created a very simple InfoPath form to demonstrate this.


The below workflow supports extract single attachment or multiple attachments from the same InfoPath form. I am using Title field value to create the folder name. This can change based on the requirement.


Following are the detail configurations of the workflow activities. I think the above flow is self explaining and I don’t need to detail it J


  1. Read title value from InfoPath form:


  2. Check whether there is a folder exists in a give document library with a name equal to title


  3. If the folder does not exists create the folder in the document library
  4. Get the path to the destination folder. In other words path the folder created in the above step.
  5. Extract and copy attachments from InfoPath form into folder inside document library


  6. This step I am writing some debug info into workflow history list.


This is just a quick post, so my explanations are very minimal. If you all have any questions or ideas please leave a comment.