Content Query WebPart

In my SharePoint development work I come across lot of customizations which includes Master Pages, Themes, navigation look & feel, etc. And the next mostly customized thing is CQWP. We are using this lot in our internal sites. And this is really a cool WebPart which ships with MOSS. When you want to display custom fields in CQWP you have to properly set the CommonViewFields with the correct data type. Otherwise the custom fields will not appear in the CQWP. Following is a list of data types which you can refer when you do the next customization 😉

  • Text
  • Note
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Integer
  • Boolean
  • DateTime
  • Threading
  • Lookup
  • Choice
  • URL
  • Counter
  • DisplayOnly (DisplayOnly field type has no storage of its own)And I have either used or seen these used, but have not seen them documented anywhere:
  • RichHTML
  • Image

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