How to freeze a column in RS 2005

I got a request from a user to freeze a column in a report, just like in XL. This is because users are so used to XL reports they expect such features from other reporting systems.

Thanks toy RS2005 its just a click away to freeze a column in a matrix report.

Select the column you want to freeze and select edit group.

Then in the property window select option group header should be remain visible while scrolling.

That’s all. We are done.


Easiest way to customize SharePoint Master Pages

I have seen lot of articles about customizing master pages of MOSS 2007. But all were talking about basic customization. What happen when you want to totally brand the pages. The best way to do so is to develop a theme for MOSS & write a brand new masterfile without copying the default master file. This is a nightmare with Sharepoint designer, because you cant easily identify the css elements and html elements.

The solution I found was using the IE developer toolbar. It was the savior for me.

You can download the toolbar from here